We believe that even routine accounting and bookkeeping functions require special attention. Our aim is to reduce the burdens of critical non-core functions by managing them in a more effective, productive and profitable manner. By doings so, we seek to enhance the business performance of our customers.

We offer:
Accounting Services

  • Preparing and reviewing financial statements
  • Compiling and auditing accounting reports
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and projection
  • Startup Accounting Services

Tax Services

  • Tax preparation and filing for individuals, corporations, business owners, and executives
  • Tax preparation and filing for non-profit organizations

Payroll Processing Services

  • Payroll preparation & processing
  • Payroll management

Other Services Offered:

  • Business Procedures
  • Business Plans
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Immigration Services
  • Para Legal Services
  • Translations

For more details on the above services, feel free to contact us via our Contact Page and our fast and reliable personnel with provide the information requested.